Manual de buenas prácticas en la oficina

Manual of good practices in the office

At XGL we are doing our best to meet one of our main sustainable development goals: the protection of the environment. This is the best practice manual that guides our team to contribute their bit individually.
We would love to hear your suggestions!

Your day to day

  • Keep your work area in proper order and cleanliness.
  • Make good use of office supplies. Adjust to the real needs to acquire it.
  • Replace single-use batteries with rechargeable batteries.
  • Separate the waste in the dedicated containers and don’t mix them!
  • Turn off office equipment at: mealtimes, meetings, end of working day, absences, weekends, etc.
  • Print in black and white or with economic printing.
  • Propose measures to improve this good practice guide.

Water consumption

  • Prevent water leaks and warn the maintenance service if you discover a breakdown.
  • Use water with respect. Close the taps well after use and do not let the water run uselessly.
  • The toilet is not a trash can, don’t use it as such!

Paper consumption

  • Encourage the use of email for internal and external communications.
  • Avoid printing documents with errors. Check them through print preview or spell checker.
  • Use recycled paper, reuse paper and blank faces for phases, dirty sheets, print, etc.
  • Print using the “two pages” option per sheet.
  • Photocopy and print double-sided.
  • Separate the paper from the rest of the trash and recycle it.

Energy consumption 

  • Illuminate only the necessary areas.
  • Take advantage, whenever possible, of the natural regulation of light and temperature.
  • Turn off heating and air conditioning systems in unoccupied rooms.
  • Maintain temperature at approximately 20ºC in winter and 24ºC in summer.
  • Make sure doors and windows are closed while using air conditioning systems.
  • If you are the last to leave, turn off the lights and air conditioning equipment.