European logistics operators: future changes in the sector

European logistics operators: the changes that are presented to mitigate risks and shorten supply chains. A trend that will mark the next 3 years of demand for storage space. So reports el Economista.

According to a recent article, almost 70% of those surveyed in the European Real Estate Logistics Census would be interested in relocating operations to reduce supply chain disruptions. Disruptions caused by the pandemic, shipping delays and even rising fuel prices.

In addition, the increase in sales in e-commerce would be added to this. Since 60% of those surveyed will store a greater inventory due to the greater number of orders placed on the Internet.

And it is that these trends appear in a context of the increasing number of warehouses. Since this increase is largely due to the increase in remote workers in Europe. Thus this generates higher demand for e-commerce.

For this reason, 95% of the participants in the aforementioned survey predict that it will maintain and even increase the storage area. And according to the study, those who have the greatest expansion will be the logistics operators. In addition, retailers and manufacturers also anticipate this increase in space to a greater or lesser extent.

The European logistics operators that forecast this higher growth are located in France, Germany and Spain.

With 44%, 43% and 39% respectively, they foresee an increase in warehouse rentals during the next 3 years. This list would be followed in order by Italy, Portugal and the United Kingdom.

However, due to rising entry costs and land, this presents a clear challenge.

Finally, 71% of investors and asset managers of these companies opt for ESG criteria (environmental, social and governance policies). Also, about 30% of the surveyed companies that have not yet adopted these criteria plan to implement them in the forthcoming years.