Key dates in logistics for this year 2024

In 2024 we reaffirm our commitment to become our customers’ best ally and to facilitate their logistics management. That is why we have created this post.

We know that there are certain times of the year close to holiday periods or public holidays that we must take into account in logistics as they can cause:

– Increased demand for services.

– Delays in the arrival of import containers.

– Delays in logistics shipments.

These are dates that complicate the entry of containers into port terminals, closures for documentation and dispatches and, in short, loading dates. You also have to consider public holidays because of the costs involved, to ensure that the documentation arrives on time, or in case customs closes and the goods cannot be cleared.

To avoid headaches, stress and haste, the best tool is planning. Therefore, we bring you here the main international key dates to pay attention to in 2024:

Chinese New Year (10 February). It is celebrated in most Far Eastern countries. The country comes to a standstill for orders or shipments and when it ends there is overbooking for loading.

Easter (28-29 March), Christmas and August in almost all countries.

May in France and Portugal (1, 8, 9 and 20 May in France and 1, 9 and 30 May in Portugal). These two countries have many public holidays in May which often lead to delays in deliveries.

Mother’s Day in South America (12 May). Loading to these countries is intensified days/weeks earlier in response to increased orders to meet the demand for gifts for that day.

Ramadan (11 March) in Islamic nations, and Muslim Easter (16 June) and Muslim New Year (7 July) in Muslim-majority countries. They also lead to increased loads prior to these holidays and overbooking afterwards.

– In the US, the most important public holidays are: Independence Day (4 July), Columbus Day (11-12 October) and Thanksgiving Day (28 November) and Christmas.

At XGL we take into account these dates and all the aspects that can affect your freight shipments. We anticipate and advise you to minimise risks and ensure that your goods always arrive on time.

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