Increase in parcels: the new Santa Claus are the delivery men

Increase in parcels: it is something that we see more and more often. The reception of constant package deliveries in our homes and offices is becoming more regular. And due to the pandemic caused by the coronavirus and the consequent temporary closure of stores, it has caused an increase in online sales. Therefore, this has also caused a growth in the value of the Spanish courier and parcel market by up to 4% more.

A few days before Christmas, we have been able to observe that this increase in parcels has been obvious. And it is that the forecasts of more than 100 million orders in Spain during the end of November, December and January are being fulfilled.

The large volume of shipments is catapulted by the day of the pre-Christmas sales in e-commerce: the Black Friday.

The digitization of businesses and its expansion to the Internet as a sales channel (e-commerces) have been the reason that this image of the delivery man with our packages knocking on our doors is more recurrent. In addition, now online sales already represent two out of three parts of world sales. By comparison, a year and a half ago it only accounted for 20% of total sales. For this reason, the arrival of parcels on the occasion of Christmas has been one of the images that has been repeated the most in recent months.

That is why the role of logistics and courier companies is swellingly important in our lives. The digitization of commerce has also led to the internationalization of sales. Therefore this is the reason the transport of goods by road, sea and air has seen a growth in recent years. And, now more than ever, it is easier to access to products that could only be accessed in traditional stores with more limited catalogs.

Fuente: Loginews