Solve your doubts with the frequently asked questions and answers (FAQ) about XGL Logistics, our maritime transport, road transport and air transport services, our warehouse, what certifications guarantee us and much more.

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About XGL Logistics

What is our story?

XGL Logistics was born in 2005 under the name of X-Tract Logistics in Spain. Since then, each of the professionals who are part of our team has contributed to this project with their professionalism and extensive experience in international transport logistics until the expansion of our offices.

We currently have offices in Spain, as well as in Mexico, Italy and Dubai.

What certifications and associations endorse XGL?

XGL Logistics has numerous certifications that guarantee our services:

⁄ Cámara de Comercio
⁄ Federación Española de Transitarios – Organizacion para la Logística, el Transporte y la Representación Aduanera (FETEIA-OLTRA)
⁄ Asociación de Transitarios de Alicante (ATEIA-OLTRA)
⁄ ADT + DA
⁄ ISO 9001 & ISO 1400

What kind of services does XGL offer?

XGL Logistics offers different types of logistics services:

⁄ Road transport
⁄ Air freight
⁄ Sea freight
⁄ Own consolidated service
⁄ Warehouse
⁄ Picking
⁄ Management of dangerous goods
⁄ Load Project
⁄ Insurance
⁄ Live tracking service

You can find more details about our services here.

Does XGL offer cargo insurance?


At XGL we put all our efforts so that your cargo reaches its destination without any problem. However, we know that setbacks may arise in an international transaction that are beyond the control of the different agents involved in the process and, therefore, we always recommend our clients to take out merchandise insurance for their operations. For your peace of mind and ours, because we want to be sure that we are always offering you the best guarantees.

Where are the XGL offices located?

We count on several offices internationally in Spain, Mexico, Italy and Dubai.

XGL / Spain: Estrella Polar, 15-17; 03007 Alicante
XGL / Mexico: Cracovia, 54; Col. San Ángel, Álvaro Obregón; 01000 CDMX
XGL / Italy: Via Enrico Cosenz, 35; 20158 Milán
XGL / UAE: Metha Plaza Building, B. Block 308; Oud Metha, Dubái

How can I contact the XGL team? Who is who?

We have several offices internationally in Spain, Mexico, Italy and Dubai.

In each Contact page, you will be able to find their staff.


What is MyXGL?

MyXGL is our web platform to manage and track all your orders.

⁄ Multi-user access: Accessible to several users within the same company.

⁄ E-booking: Users can immediately register their shipments with several clicks.

⁄ Document management/Files: From the Track&Trace section, you will be able to have all the documentation related to your order (bills of lading, packing list, PO’s, collection and delivery notes, CMR, etc).

⁄ Advantages: Quick and agile management of your shipments through our platform.

What is the Track & Trace service?

It is an online service within MyXGL where you can track the movements that are made with your shipment, so that you can know the situation in which it is.

Air Transport

What air services does XGL offer?

With global coverage, from and to any airport on the globe, we manage both exports and imports. In addition, we are specialists in dangerous goods.

Which airlines do we work with?

Thanks to being part of the IATA association, we have access to all the airlines and advantages that this association offers.

What kind of goods do we transport by air?

We can send by air any type of merchandise that is regulated by the IATA (International Air Transport Association). This will depend on the type of aircraft in which the shipment is sent (either cargo or commercial).

More information about IATA here.

For more information on excluded merchandise, click here..


Can I combine air transport with other transport services?


XGL Logistics offers complete logistics solutions in which all kinds of combinations of multimodal transport can be involved, whether it is air transport with road, air transport and maritime transport, etc.

You can check the possible combinations within our platform MyXGL.

Do we transport dangerous goods by air?

Yes, XGL is specialized in dangerous goods. However, certain goods are restricted by air. Do not hesitate to consult one of our experts in case of doubt.

How do I request a quote for air freight?

Simply fill in this form or get in touch with us.

Sea Transport

What sea freight services does XGL offer?

⁄ Full Container Load (FCL)

Full container service (FCL) to any destination in the world. We deposit the containers at your facilities adapting to your schedule, wherever your company is located, to meet the most demanding shipping needs.

⁄ Maritime groupage (LCL)

Our maritime transport groupage or less than container load (LCL) service guarantees space and regular departures to destinations with global coverage, either leaving from Spain or leaving from other ports in order to offer a better service.

We offer maritime transport for groupage; that is, for small loads that do not fill a container. To carry out this type of shipments, we use groupage services from Valencia / Barcelona to cover the American continent, Turkey, Casablanca, Algiers, etc. such as from Portugal or Hamburg, which we use mainly for African countries such as Nigeria, Ghana, Togo, Guinea, etc.

⁄ Own Consolidation Service

Dubai and Singapore as base ports. Coverage to the United Arab Emirates, Africa, Asia and Oceania respectively. Our main mission is to consolidate all the merchandise possible, in the same container to send it weekly to a main destination, dividing and thus saving costs for the client. We currently have three destinations: Dubai, Singapore and Mexico. First up: Jebel Ali. Once our container arrives at this destination, our office will deliver the merchandise to the recipient or the same merchandise will be transshipped to other countries in the Persian Gulf, India and even East Africa, such as Dar Es Salaam or Mombasa, depending on the needs of the client. We use the same operation for Singapore, where our agents can operate in the same way and either deliver the merchandise in Singapore or transship to various destinations such as China, the Philippines or even Australia.

Check our regular departures calendar.

⁄ Dangerous Goods

We provide sea freight services to meet your dangerous goods shipping needs

We are certified in the treatment of dangerous goods. The XGL staff puts at your disposal their extensive experience and training to offer you a professional service with all the guarantees in operations involving the storage or transport of dangerous goods.

What type of containers do we transport by sea?

What kind of goods can we transport by sea?

Thanks to XGL Logistics’ own consolidation service, we can transport all types of merchandise that are not subject to maritime transport prohibitions in the country of entry and in international agreements.

For more information on excluded merchandise, click here.

Do we transport dangerous goods by sea?

Yes. At XGL we are specialists in dangerous goods. Nevertheless, certain types of goods are restricted by sea. Do not hesitate to contact one of our experts in case of doubt.

How do I request a quote for sea freight?

To request a quote for sea freight, simply fill in this form or contact us.

Road Transport

What land/road services does XGL offer?

⁄ FTL: Full Trailer Load

Door-to-door full load. Daily pickups.
Advantages: Large load capacity. Collection and direct delivery by truck (Door-to-door service). Direct transit times as no HUB intervention. Cargo space is not shared with other cargo.

⁄ LTL: Less than Trailer Load

Door-to-door partial load. Daily collection of items of more than 2 tons.
Advantages: We avoid excessive handling of merchandise by picking up and delivering with the same platform. Reduced transit times and daily pickups.

⁄ GRP: Grupaje

Consolidation of loads in our warehouses.
Advantages: Cost reduction by grouping the merchandise for its national/international departure.

⁄ Express

Urgent door-to-door collection and delivery services. We have vans, dry vans and international FTL trucks for your most urgent shipments.
Advantages: Quick action, reduced transit times, capacity up to 1100kg and 5 Europalls for vans and up to 24 tons with 33 Europalls for international trucks.

What kind of goods can we transport by road?


Dangerous Goods: we have APQ registration for the storage and transport of dangerous goods.

⁄ Food
We have a Sanitary Registry for transport, guaranteeing compliance with regulations, as well as the traceability of the merchandise at all times.

⁄ Refrigerated food
We have regular outputs in controlled temperature for full loads both nationally and internationally.

⁄ Spirits & wines
We have extensive experience working with warehouses for national and international transportation in GRP / LTL and FTL shipments.

⁄ Dry Goods/General
Any type of palletized and not palletized merchandise. Palletized and bulk loading and unloading


For more information on excluded merchandise, click here.

¿Cómo solicito una cotización para transporte terrestre?

If you would like to request a quote for road transport, just fill in this form or contact us.

Merchandise and shipments

How do I calculate the volumetric weight of a shipment?

The volumetric weight of a shipment is a measure commonly used in the transport and logistics sector that takes into account the size of the packages, expresses the density of the goods and serves to compare the volume with the actual weight of a shipment.

To calculate the cost of a shipment, the volumetric weight is compared to the actual weight of the cargo and the heaviest of the two is taken into consideration. In general, the cost of an expedition will be determined by:

  • The volumetric weight in those shipments whose goods are voluminous and light.
  • The actual weight when the goods are heavy and not very large.

How do I calculate volumetric weight?

As a general rule, the volumetric weight of the merchandise is calculated with the following formula (valid for air, sea, rail and parcel transport. In the case of land transport, it is only applicable when the merchandise is stackable/stackable):


or in other words


How is the merchandise packed and labeled?

Dependiendo del tipo de mercancía que se desee transportar, requiere un tipo de embalaje específico para que la mercancía no sufra daños en el mismo trayecto. Esto es responsabilidad del remitente, que se hará cargo de que la mercancía enviada llegue a su destino en un correcto estado.

En XGL Logistics generamos nuestras propias etiquetas de transporte en las cuales mediante un código de barras podemos rastrear el pedido para poder mostrar el estado del envío en tiempo real.

Depending on the type of merchandise to be transported, it requires a specific type of packaging so that the merchandise does not suffer damage on its journey. This responsibility lies with the sender, who will ensure that the shipped merchandise reaches its destination in a correct state.

At XGL Logistics we generate our own transport labels in which, through a barcode, we can track the shipment in order to show a real time status.

What goods do we NOT ship?

The following types of merchandise are excluded from our services.


  • Explosive materials
  • Radioactive materials
  • Animals
  • Press in any of its varieties
  • Tobacco
  • Personal effects, removals and own tools
  • Funeral transport
  • Cash, commercial or banking effects
  • Securities titles and coupons
  • Bank notes
  • Lottery and winning pools
  • Jewels and jewelery articles, of fine metals.
  • Gemstones and real pearls.
  • Fine metal jewelry.
  • Art objects, old or rare whose value was conventional.
  • Collections.
  • Timbres or timbre effects.
  • Precious metals.
  • Copper, aluminum nickel and alloys of these metals in any format.
  • Goods at controlled temperature, refrigerated and/or frozen.


  • Commercial samples.
  • Live plants.
  • Vehicles and boats, caravans or trailers of any kind, new and/or used.
  • Fine skins, made or unmade.
  • Bulk goods.
  • Glass or crystal containers, as well as bottled liquids.

(*) PRIOR NOTICE: When the quote request arrives, transfer the information to the Quality Department.

What is a freight forwarder?

Freight forwarders are intermediaries between the company that makes the shipment and the final destination of the merchandise. Although they are not responsible for making the shipment itself, they have different modes of transport such as sea transport, road transport and air transport.

Freight forwarders use their trusted contacts with carriers, partners or collaborators, from specialists in air transport and trucking companies to transoceanic lines, to negotiate the best possible price and carry the goods through established commercial routes, evaluating different offers and choosing the best route that optimizes speed, costs and reliability, considering all the variables necessary for the analysis of each case.

What is an AEO?

An AEO or Authorized Economic Operator is a party involved in international trade that complies with the World Customs Organization supply chain security standards or equivalent.

This means that our rigorous internal processes in information system management, merchandise security, compliance with customs regulations and economic-financial management comply with the customs standards agreed with the World Customs Organization (WCO).

What are the Incoterms?

The Incoterms® are internationally recognized rules created by the International Chamber of Commerce, which, without being law, define the rights and obligations of buyer and seller, and determine how costs and risks are allocated between the parties.

Important aspects:

  • It has no link to the transport contract. It only binds buyer and seller.
  • Gives information about who hires / pays for the transport. That is, it distributes the expenses between the buyer and the seller.
  • Specifies the place of collection and delivery of the goods (origin – destination).
  • Indicates the place of transmission of the risk.
  • Defines the distribution of documentary procedures (customs clearance).

The Incoterms® are the work of the International Chamber of Commerce and it is its official version that should be referred to in case of any discrepancy.

For more up-to-date information, click here.

Dangerous goods

How do we transport dangerous goods?

At XGL Logistics we guarantee that we treat your dangerous goods according to current regulations. For this reason, our team remains in continuous training to provide an efficient service and within the legislation, so that your dangerous goods arrive in their correct condition at their destination.