One week of truck drivers’ strike completed

A week of truck drivers’ strike is completed. Today, on the eighth day since the start of the strike, there is still no communication between the organizers and the Government. And it is that the truck drivers’ strike week has already managed to stress the supply chain. And thus, the shortages of certain products have been caused.

The Government has again mentioned the large employers, urging them not to support the strike. So, the Vice President of Economy and the Minister of Finance are now leading the negotiations. Until then, it had been the head of Transport, Raquel Sánchez, who had held the reins alone.

Now the trio will meet with the big employers in order to solve the conflict. This has been radicalized and punishing companies, already pushed to the limit by high energy costs. And it is that the protests of the carriers also threaten to spread within the sector. That is why the representatives of the union, who have met this morning with the Ministers of Economy, Transport and Finance, demand that the Government take “urgent” measures to avoid widespread protests throughout the country.

And it is that the energy crisis caused by the Russian invasion in Ukraine has led to record levels in the prices of fossil fuels and electricity. And although the government has already promised a national shock plan, it will not be approved until March 29.

Calviño will meet this afternoon the president of the CEOE, Antonio Garamendi. He met urgently last Thursday with the sectors affected by the strike to collect the demands of the organizers. She will also meet with the unions and autonomies to shape the national plan pending approval.

And it is that among the measures that companies are demanding is the recovery of the 3,000 million in direct aid to companies that were not spent last year. In order to face the impact of the energy crisis and thus reduce the taxes levied on fuel: VAT and Tax on Hydrocarbons. In addition, they request the activation of the new permanent “ERTE” model. Truck drivers also claimed to extend the moratorium for the return of ICO credits granted during the pandemic for another year, whose reimbursement must be made from April, and to delay the increase in contributions provided for in the pension reform to 2025.


Source: ABC