The Spanish ports affected by the transport strike

The Spanish ports affected by the transport strike: this is what the presidents of the port authorities of Algeciras, Barcelona, ​​Bilbao and Valencia have pointed out. And they indicate that the Spanish ports are in a “critical” situation. This is due to the road freight transport strike that has resulted in a logistics congestion. And it is that the ports are not capable of moving all the containers that arrive.

Spanish ports in crisis

“There is no space in the ports,” the spokesman for the Valencian port concludes. In addition, he emphasizes that the weather conditions of recent weeks have complicated the situation.

“The situation in this port is extreme and very delicate.” This was communicated by the president of the Algeciras Authority, Gerardo Landaluce. “It is not a situation only found in Spanish ports, but throughout the country as it affects the entire logistics chain and the industrial belt.”

For his part, Damià Calvet, leader of the Barcelona port, describes its terminals “at full capacity”. And he points out that “we are going to have to stop port and maritime activity” if the containers do not leave.

The situation comes from road transport

The movement of trucks that took place yesterday, Wednesday, at the port only varied between 15% and 20% of normal activity. Calvet contributes according to figures. In addition, he asks the Government to specify measures that are “majority accepted.”

As for the port of Bilbao, Ricardo Barkala assures that the dry cargo by road “is paralyzed”. And he affirms that 1 out of every 4 containers is being moved by rail. In this way, it underlines the urgency of reaching an agreement between carriers and the Government. “Otherwise it would be disastrous for the ports,” says Barkala.

The four port presidents have also expressed concern about the high cost of fossil fuels. As well as how this affects the entire logistics chain, from the transport of goods by road to the transport of goods by sea.


Source: ValenciaPlaza